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Transplant Services

Time is Critical. Insights are Crucial.

Value is Key.

iPatientAxis Transplant Solution is the most successful and proven solution in the industry.

Our Transplant Solution will immediately positively impact your entire program; by saving time, reducing staff burden & costs and increasing patient satisfaction

Time is Critical

Patients’ medical records are retrieved and aggregated within as little as hours, on average within 5 business days and we guarantee within 14 days or the service is free

Insights are Crucial

The aggregated records are automatically processed to highlight and hyperlink all key-words and search criteria to make this crucial information immediately accessible

Value is Key

We pride ourselves on providing the most affordable & valuable service in the market, and guarantee to be beat any current vendor’s price by 20%

iPatientAxis has proven value in our services to over 6,000 sites, directly benefiting over 41M unique patients

We are Dedicated to Providing Value