Ensures the delivery of highly qualified patients for enrollment certainty

Make sure your study will have the right sized population, before you begin spending money on recruitment. Our predivtive recruitment method has been used around the world with great success. Studies can be more effective when you know when, where, what, and how to target.

01. Identify

Whether through your marketing efforts or our outreach, patients are screened and prequalified, with relevant medical records aggregated for further analysis

02. Aggregate and Analyze

Rapidly aggregate and analyze patients through longitudinal EMR data across the evolution of a patient profile. Clinically relevant data is poured through to determine how a study will roll-out.

03. Delivery

Innovative methodologies to deliver highly qualified patients for engagement and retention. Our services have captured and delivered patients to clinical trials in a way unique in the industry.

Proven Value in Predictive Recruitment

Reduce Marketing Spend by 12%­

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Increase Referral to Randomization Rates by 250% to 330%

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Decrease Site Burden by 240%

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