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Clinical Research Services

iPatientAxis Provides the Best Technical and Scientific Solutions to Take Your Concept to Clinic

iPatientAxis is a trusted resource for researchers around the globe.

With the largest pool of clinical information available anywhere, the resources you need to conceptualize your study are at your fingertips. The iPatientAxis team is well versed in almost all areas of clinical trial studies, and can help with virtually every aspect of the study between concept and completion.

01. Feasability

Robust feasibility evaluation to reduce risk and catalyze the success of your clinical trial. Using clinically relevant information, iPatientAxis does the legwork to understand what potential patient population sizes are.

02. Site Selection

Optimum site selection to ensure completion of your study on time, on target, and at cost. We help gather the information you need to ensure you don’t spend too much time selecting the right sites for your study.

03. Modeling

Agile dynamic approach to address the diverse attributes of patients to target the right participants. iPatientAxis uses robust and relevant data to model studies correctly, saving time, money, and resources.