Organizational Announcement

iPatientAxis (ChartFill DBA), announces the resignation of Michael Margiotta as director, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, and his decision to divest his stock holdings.

Mr. Margiotta said, “As founder of iPatientAxis, I am tremendously proud of this team and the incredible company that we have built over the last few years. Our organization now services 32 countries, supporting more than 400 clinical research facilities each day. While our business has never been stronger, I have decided that it is in the best interest of the company to step down as CEO and chairman.”

“Although Mr. Margiotta has done a tremendous job building and leading this organization, he has chosen to resign and the Board and I thank him for all his hard work and dedication” says newly appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors, John Friend MD.  “iPatientAxis has solidified a unique place in the market by providing a suite of services that streamline patient identification and increase enrollment for clinical trials.”

Ryan McFarlane, newly appointed President & CEO, “It is an incredible honor to lead iPatientAxis during this exciting time in the company’s history as it continues to outperform its financial projections by impressive double-digit growth year over year. I will continue to advance the organization that has thrived under Mr. Margiotta’s leadership. We have an exceptionally talented team and will continue investing in the business to ensure that we provide our clients with leading customer focus in the clinical trial services.” Mr. McFarlane joined iPatientAxis late 2019 as Chief Business Officer with over 20 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical and clinical trial space.

The iPatientAxis board regularly evaluates its composition to ensure it includes the appropriate skills, experience, and perspective necessary to drive growth for all its shareholders. Therefore, the board has appointed Maria Logan and Kelly Smith to play a vital part in assisting in the rapid growth of the organization.

Maria, an Irish citizen and CEO of her own company of 20 years will help grow our Irish sub-subsidiary (iPatientAxis EU) based in Dublin. Maria has established connections in the Irish Government and Healthcare arenas, specifically around the Healthcare and Technology Grants iPatientAxis EU is currently exploring. 

Kelly has 12 years of operational industry knowledge and is currently Director of Operations & Customer Engagement at iPatientAxis. Kelly is well poised to impact the scalability of the organization as it continues along its positive growth curve. Kelly will enhance the Voice of the Customer program and be part of building the roadmap for additional customers, partners and acquisitions. 

About iPatientAxis 

iPatientAxis is the global leader in clinical trial medical record aggregation, analytics and pre-validation services. Uniquely positioned to change the paradigm in the global clinical trial market, iPatientAxis combines real-world clinical data with a patented platform to streamline and automate both patient and site identification.  iPatientAxis ensures that trials meet their enrollment goals without incurring the unexpected expenses of adding additional sites or costly delays.  To learn more, visit:  For more information please email:

iPatientAxis is Revolutionizing the Healthcare Sector

iPatientAxis Awarded 10 best healthcare solution providers

Though relatively young, iPatientAxis has successfully created a paradigm shift in how patients are qualified and enrolled in clinical trials. “Until now, recruitment and qualification for trials depended largely on a patient accurately recalling their own medical information,” explains the CEO of iPatientAxis. “But obtaining accurate information is challenging for sites that are often overburdened with administrative tasks.” This is where iPatientAxis comes in. The iPatientAxis team has years of experience initiating medical record review requests through to completion which includes custom screening and aggregation tools. The application of real-world data in this setting expedites the initial patient screening process in order to maximize the chances that the potential participate will enroll.

Research sites, pharmaceutical companies and contract research organizations are the three legs of the clinical trial tool. The sponsor awards trials to CROs based on a number of factors including site relationships and access. But often a CRO will underestimate the number of sites needed to find enrollment success while a site will overestimate the number of patients in their database meeting eligibility criteria. By using real-world data, which iPatientAxis uniquely owns and has proprietary capabilities to access and index, any guessing around the location of ideal patients is eliminated. This informs solid site location planning.

The offerings of iPatientAxis are first, EMR Record Review, Aggregation and Validation. Here automated data analysis and closed-loop record digitizing and transmission enables sites to screen potential study volunteers in an effective, efficient manner. Secondly, the company’s site network with over 6,000 practices and their patients augments existing recruitment intelligence. Thirdly, a feasibility service applying a protocol’s eligibility criteria against the company’s real-world data repository of 18 million de-identified patient records helps support marketing strategies and provides insight around the expected rate of enrollment.

iPatientAxis has been busy assisting clients worldwide to achieve their goals. As one example, a global patient recruitment firm contacted iPatientAxis to learn how its services might benefit a variety of studies requiring medical records to inform the screening process. Working with the recruitment firm, iPatientAxis created an easy-to-use digital patient authorization form to reduce the number of patients failing to complete the previous form. Once this form is completed by a patient, it is submitted to iPatientAxis. Next the company’s qualified records professionals start the data aggregation process immediately using a tried and tested approach. Once information from the source healthcare providers is received by the services team, it is both verified and indexed. From here iPatientAxis’ unique automated clinical factor analysis also helps evaluate the potential fit of the patient. Results are digitally transmitted from iPatientAxis to the actual site screening the patient. This closed-loop system virtually eliminates paper records and any associated lag time. The net results? A significant uptick in enrollment, up to a 500% improvement for some trials.

Looking forward, iPatientAxis is focused on expanding its platform capabilities to provide more value to customers, specifically, deriving deeper intelligence from the clinical data that has been accumulated from participants. “As one part of our roadmap, we are working closely with several artificial intelligence partners to develop a learning system that can provide deeper insights, analytics and next level of predictive outcomes based on our cache of real-world clinical data.”

How iPatientAxis’ Data Insights Catalyze Clinical Advancement

Highly Curated, Registry-Based Data Immediately Available for Comparator Analysis in Critical Reimbursement Areas. Learn More: PRESS RELEASE  UPDATED: DEC 2, 2019 14:00 EST

ROCHESTER, N.Y., December 2, 2019 ( – In an ever-changing landscape, healthcare delivery systems need to stay in front of regulatory changes to be successful. iPatientAxis’ registry-based data insight guides and supports practice and institution-critical decision-making processes, bringing into alignment a vision of quality excellence and accelerating the delivery of patient-centered care. iPatientAxis has dependable, non-duplicating information upon which to compare clinical decisions, whether those decisions are for business, enterprise, administrative or clinical purposes.

With the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) leading the way, government and commercial payers alike leverage medical condition data to drive quality ratings, shared savings, risk scores and payment adjustments for a broad range of value-based contracts and activities. In addition to regulatory risk, incorrect coding limits plan growth and depresses margins on otherwise-profitable lines of business. Increasingly, health plans turn to proven analytic technologies to help determine the appropriate level of member condition complexity and severity, accurately predict future costs of care, reduce regulatory risk exposure and maximize risk-adjusted payments. iPatientAxis’ registry-based data is immediately available for comparator analysis in critical reimbursement areas such as:

Hypertension | Asthma | Type 2 Diabetes | Dementia / Alzheimer’s Disease| NASH / NAFLD | COPD | Chronic Renal Failure​ | CAD​ | Opthalmology Disease 

Understanding a patient or population risk, relative to disease and comorbidities through retrospective and predictive lenses, as they relate to associated costs and risks for future costs and needs provides invaluable comparator insight into practice or health system financial management. Providing well-defined patient registries, pre-defined datasets for common risk scores and pre-defined metrics for population stratification, iPatientAxis data analytics can help deliver better and more cost-effective patient care.

Longitudinal EMR data has been long recognized as a gold standard for patient data. iPatientAxis’ well-curated database, derived from over 19 million unique patient lives across the U.S., provides the clinical insights that claims data leaves out. In addition to all of the information that is later coded for reimbursement, iPatientAxis’ data contains details about the process of care, provider impressions of their patients, and volunteered patient concerns that may not have resulted in diagnoses. Available for purchase, dataset analyses include vital signs, medications, allergies, lab data, results, procedures and immunization histories. Customized datasets can be generated on a fee-for-purchase basis.

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See our website for some of the extensive therapeutic areas we cover.

iPatientAxis Announces Early Participation in Newly Launched AWS Data Exchange

Transforming the Health and Life Sciences Industry with the Right Data. Find the Company’s Curated Datasets on Amazon’s New Platform. PRESS RELEASE  UPDATED: DEC 2, 2019 09:00 EST

ROCHESTER, N.Y., December 2, 2019 ( – iPatientAxis, the global leader in Clinical Contract Services, today announced participation in AWS Data Exchange, a new platform where Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers can subscribe to a diverse selection of third-party data in AWS Marketplace. This service makes it easy for millions of AWS customers to securely find, subscribe to, and use third-party data in the cloud. iPatientAxis is a qualified data provider that offers curated data from over 19 million unique patients. Now, authenticated AWS users will have access to iPatientAxis’ proprietary data through AWS Data Exchange.

Examples of iPatientAxis’ proprietary data products include:

  • NASH offerings compiled from real-world longitudinal clinical EMR data for over 160,000 unique patients diagnosed with NASH
  • Insightful datasets in additional therapeutic areas, including, Asthma, Alzheimer’s/Dementia, Hypertension, COPD, Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), Women’s Health, CHF and many more.

“We are thrilled that AWS has provided a platform to showcase our unique, highly curated data assets,” says Michael Margiotta, Chairman and CEO of iPatientAxis. “We are pleased to provide consumers with meaningful data insights that help inform clinical trial design and processes.”

Through AWS Data Exchange, customers can find and subscribe to more than 1,000 data products from more than 80 qualified data providers including iPatientAxis. In addition to offering indication-specific datasets via the AWS Data Exchange, iPatientAxis has developed a patented platform that streamlines and automates both patient and site identification, ensuring trials meet their enrollment goals without incurring the unexpected expenses of adding additional sites or costly delays. iPatientAxis is the global leader in Contract Clinical Services providing solutions in over 32 Countries.

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iPatientAxis Applies Near-Time Medical Record Retrieval to Convert Trial Intenders to Enrollees

Application of Real-World Patient Data Radically Enhances Volunteer Commitment

ROCHESTER, N.Y., Nov. 29, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — A recent study looking at digital patient recruitment for clinical trials found that social media in particular offers significant upside when it comes to usability for trial education and ultimately, enrollment. The study, “Content That Clicks: Effective Social Marketing for Clinical Trial Recruitment,”undertaken by Syneos Health Communications, revealed a number of trial advertising themes that when taken into consideration may lead to better recruitment outcomes.

For example, when it comes to whether or not a patient can recall seeing trial advertisements, more than 66 percent of respondents in the survey remembered reading about a study opportunity. Perhaps more importantly the research found that “high trial intenders” are individuals who report serious interest in a trial, to the point of having an intention to enroll.

This is the exact scenario that newcomer iPatientAxis is successfully maximizing for CROs, sponsors, and recruitment firms around the globe. When a patient makes an overture expressing intent, time is of the essence for scheduling the screening visit. But without relevant medical history in the hands of the site at the time of the patient visit, the screening procedure will be limited, the visit may need to be re-scheduled, or redundant testing may be performed, driving cost. All of these may negatively affect the overall experience of the potential volunteer, lessening the likelihood of enrollment.

“At the risk of sounding a bit clichéd, iPatientAxis has based its trial support model on a simple tenet: strike will the iron is hot. Anyone that works in the trial recruitment space knows the stats well – that enrollment is costly, with upwards of one-third of a trial budget allocated to that front-end piece. As delays are introduced due to under-performance, sponsors stand to lose millions of dollars,” offered Paul Mitchel, a consultant in the clinical trial recruitment space. Mitchel knows firsthand how the right data applied at the right time accelerates the screening process at a time when a potential participant is showing full engagement in a study opportunity.

iPatientAxis combines years of medical records retrieval, aggregation, and indexing with subject matter expertise in feasibility and eligibility reviews.  Easy-to-use, digital authorization forms expedite the initiation of the record request process for an interested individual; a fully electronic, closed-loop data transmission system preserves the security and integrity of collected data as it is en-route to the site performing the screening.

After data is reviewed for quality and packaged up for the site personnel to easily digest, the iPatientAxis team takes things a step further by adding record elements into a customer-level database for leverage downstream in support of any future trial needs in the same therapeutic area.

The impact of iPatientAxis’ unique service offering has been demonstrated across therapeutic areas that are both general and specialized in nature. In trials targeting pain to gastroenterological conditions to women’s health, when iPatientAxis assumed responsibility for obtaining data to inform trial screening, enrollment improved from between 150-500% as a result of a streamlined process with built-in automation to assess eligibility.

“It’s fascinating to read about the newer and more social approaches to patient recruitment that are showing impact.  But without a way to rapidly capitalize on an individual’s expressed interest and intent, there are too many opportunities for noise to interfere and distract,” concluded Mitchel.

About iPatientAxis

iPatientAxis is the leader in patient identification and qualification services for the life sciences industry. Uniquely positioned to change the paradigm in the global clinical trial market, iPatientAxis combines real-world clinical data with a patented platform to streamline and automate both patient and site identification. iPatientAxis ensures that trials meet their enrollment goals without incurring the unexpected expenses of adding additional sites or costly delays. To learn more visit

iPatientAxis, Inc. Announces Expansion to Europe

iPatientAxis EU, a Subsidiary of New York-Based iPatientAxis, Inc. is Now Open with Headquarters Located in Dublin, Ireland

Dublin – August 5, 2019

iPatientAxis, the New York-based leader in Global clinical trial medical record aggregation, analytics and pre-validation services, announced today the establishment of iPatientAxis EU, a wholly owned subsidiary of iPatientAxis, Inc.  As of this press release, iPatientAxis has acquired access to over 40,000,000 unique patient lives globally, roughly 60% inside US and 40% outside US; which puts iPatientAxis in a great position to support global clinical trial identification, recruitment and retention.

Since inceptioniPatientAxis, Inc. has been working extensively in the European Union.  Given its wide-ranging partnerships, both established and in development, iPatientAxis has made the decision to move forward with establishing a Dublin-based European Subsidiary.  iPatientAxis EU will continue to partner with patient recruitment organizations, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and clinical trial sites to streamline clinical trial processes using state-of-the-art technology, while strengthening their global presence.

The iPatientAxis Executive Team has vast global industry experience and is looking forward to expanding the company’s reach.

“Embracing the growth of the pharmaceutical and biotech market in Ireland, and acknowledging the quality of resources available in Dublin, it was a natural selection for our first brick and mortar EU location,” explained Ann Dokus, iPatientAxis’ Chief Information Officer.  “With industry giants Pfizer, Novartis, ICON, plc and others with substantial in-country presence, as well as an array of patient recruitment partners and up-and-coming biopharma and medical device companies, it’s the right time for our company to expand our physical footprint.  We’ll continue to support partners across the EU and around the globe and look forward to additional site announcements in the near future.”

About iPatientAxis 

iPatientAxis is the global leader in clinical trial medical record aggregation, analytics and pre-validation services.Uniquely positioned to change the paradigm in the global clinical trial market, iPatientAxis combines real-world clinical data with a patented platform to streamline and automate both patient and site identification.  iPatientAxis ensures that trials meet their enrollment goals without incurring the unexpected expenses of adding additional sites or costly delays.  To learn more, visit: