Drive pre-qualified patients to sites

using our proprietary database of 18m patients with full medical histories

Our solutions support your current recruitment approaches while combining the real-world clinical data from over 6,000 sites, representing over 18M unique patients to ensure your trials meet their enrollment goals

Patients with full medical history at an onsite valuation enroll into studies at 2 times the rate of other patients, filling trials more quickly, reducing screen fail rates and reducing site burden

Patient Recruitment Services:

Patient screening & pre-qualification using real world clinical data and medical history

Network of physicians providing access to 18M patients directly or through the network

Geolocate patients based on clinical data and medical history to target advertising and marketing

Expedited medical history retrieval using globally compliant patient release and signature form

Aggregated clinical database development for Analytics, Feasibility and Future Trials

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Identify patients around trial sites that match key inclusion and exclusion criteria

Focus recruitment efforts on geographies with high desnsities of target patients and target specific physicians and MD's with paitents that are protocol matched

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Pre-qualify patients based on study requirements

Match existing and new patients to clinincal data through industry leading health history access and retrieval; deliver the most qualified patients to sites; ensure site have access to latest health records to expedite screening and trial conversion

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Optimize future trials with clinical patient databases

Build proprietary clinical database of patients containing full medical record history for analytics, feasibilty and identification of patients for future trials

Maximize your time, efforts and investment by aggregating this critical clinical real-world patient data