Confidentially join over 18,000,000 patients

that have become part of our Community, and it is Free

As part of our community, your confidentiality and data security is our top priority. iPatientAxis provides a free service to patients looking for alternative treatment options.We have partnered with the top pharmaceutical and biotech companies in the world, to be able to automatically match your clinical profile with a clinical trial you will actually qualify for.

It is fast,free and confidential

iPatientAxis will aggregate your historical medical history, fully de-identify and then run your de-identified clinical history profile against the 100,000's potential clincal trials. We ensure your unique medical history and clinical conditions match the inclusion and exclusion critieria of a study, so you are "Pre-Qualified" for any study we inform you of. Saving you time, headaches and stress.


As part of our services we provide the ability to assist you with the collection of your complete medical record and making it available in one place.
The information you enter will be kept private except when ordered by law, and is only accessible by our trained, qualified staff and applicable regulatory agencies.
The information you are providing to us will only be used to identify clinical trial opportunities for you in your area that you may qualify for.
Having a complete medical record helps us expand those options and opportunities for you.
If you have any questions about information you have provide to iPatientAxis please contact us at: