We are the most trusted medical record aggregation

company in the world

Having your patient's full medical history prior to them coming in is important, but being able to immediately and automatically derive intelligence from the records is the real value. iPatientAxis platform provides the immediate access, visibility and insights to the critical information.

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Record Aggregation

Streamlines and Automates access to relevant patient information generated outside of your facility. All requested information is electronically retrieved, reviewed for quality, intelligently indexed, and securely delivered.

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Clinical Insights

Our patented platform and algorithms automatically filters, and optimizes visibility into the most critical information for each patient, providing the most important clinical data based on their disease state and/or therapeutic area front and center (directly to your fingertips).

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Our award winning platform automatically aggregates and analyzes all the patient and referral data, providing immediate access to Business Intelligence and visibility into the most critical information for your KPIs (key performance indicators)

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Clinical Trial Matching

Our unique solution filters through the patient’s clinical data to find an exact match to any open clinical trial or other important treatment criteria that might be relevant to clinical evaluations.