increase enrollment rates by 40% to 80%

using patients that have been prequalified based on their medical history

Over 18,000,000 unique patients from over 6,000 sites

Having a patient's full medical history prior to an onsite evaluation can increase the enrollment rates significantly while saving time and efforts for the site staff.


Full Suite of Patient Engagement Services:

Find Patients through Real World Clinical Data Approach

Patient Record Screening

Patient Release & Signature Forms (Globally Compliant)

Individual Patient Record Aggregation for Pre-Qualification

Build Proprietary Aggregated Patient Clinical Database for Analytics, Feasibilty and Future
Enrollment Opportunities

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Align recruitment strategies to current electronic health record (EHR) data

Geographic mapping of targeted patient populations using current ICD 10, CPT, LOINC and demographics down to a 5 digit zipcode in the US

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Expand your access to pre-qualified patients

Reach out directly to clinical trial sites with patients that meet initial criteria.

Connect directly to patients with an interest in clinical trials that meet initial criteria.

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Automate and streamline internal workflows

Combine EHR data with the patient’s complete medical record (both structured and unstructured data) to identify qualified patients with an interest in participating in clinical trials